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Why Everlasting instead of Fresh?
Everlasting flowers have come a long way; now made from high quality textiles, people often mistaking them for the real thing. With fresh, your favourite flowers are not always in season when they are meant to, which could mean an unexpected surprise the week of or on the morning of your Wedding Day.
Why have the added expense of preserving your fresh wedding bouquet, when you can have Everlasting Flowers. They will look as good as on your Wedding Day for years to come.
With Everlasting; your flowers will look and stay stunning no matter what the weather holds and you will have them forever – a gorgeous keepsake to display in your home.
I live in a remote area, can you help me?
We can do all our communicating via phone or email if you can’t come in for a quote. The team at Chandelier Events can email you photo updates of your Everlasting flowers, allowing us the make changes if you aren’t entirely happy. With the option of you either picking them up or us posting them out to you. Your flowers will be boxed up and wrapped in tissue paper. Once you receive them, you will need to check them to make sure you are happy, and then wrap them back up in tissue paper until your Wedding Day.
* Freight charges will apply, price depending on where you live and size of parcel.
Can I see samples of the everlasting flower/s that I have in mind?
Before you place an order with us, we recommend you see our samples first.
Simply make an appointment for a one on one quote; approximately half an hour to an hour. Or, purchase a sample; a single bloom or a buttonhole (which can then be used on your Wedding Day). Single flower prices are listed in their sections, plus postage. Contact us for quote on postage.
I’m on a budget, how can I have the flowers I’ve always wanted?
You are the Bride, which means the Groom and Yourself should have what you wish for your Big Day. While being on budget still allows You and your Groom to have what you want, and for your bridal party who also have to look the part. For example; your bridesmaids can have smaller bouquets or wristlets, as the cost of a few bridesmaids’ bouquets can often add up to more than one Bride’s bouquet.
When should I place my order?
We recommend 4-6 months prior to your Wedding Day. If something isn’t available, it allows time to order stock or find a replacement. If you already know what everlasting flowers you have your heart set on and it’s still 6-12 months prior to your Wedding Day... place your order! It allows us to have your flowers completed early and you can pay in instalments if you wish. All orders must be approved and paid in full before leaving Chandelier Events.
What are your payment options?
Preferred payment: direct transfer (contact us for bank details), cash or cheque (please make cheques out to ‘Stacy Catanzariti’). EFTPOS is currently unavailable. All orders must be approved and  paid in full before leaving Chandelier Events.
What happens if I need to cancel my order?
Your deposit and any payments made after that are non-refundable. Once you have received your goods, please contact us within 7 days of receiving them if the goods are flawed. If cancellation occurs 30 days prior to your event; full payment is required.
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